About Legend Of Aces Aviation

Patrick Mihalek founded Legend Of Aces Aviation in 2007 with a primary goal of maintaining and restoring both Vintage and World War Two aircraft while maintaining high standards at a reasonable cost to the customer.

Patrick’s aviation background started at a young age. Growing up on Brighton Field he quickly became acquainted with the local pilots riding his bike down to the airport everyday after school. At the age of twelve he received his first Warbird ride in a PT-17 Stearman Bi-plane and was forever hooked on Warbirds.

Joining both the Experiential Aircraft Association and the Aviation Explorers opened new doors for young Patrick. He spent time volunteering at the Yankee Air Force Museum with their B-17G Flying Fortress restoration project and other aviation related events. He quickly became a Young Eagle and attended four summers of EAA Air Academy: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and First Flight.

Throughout Patrick’s childhood he was always very mechanical, learning skills handed down from his grandfather. His parents had rooms filled with everything from his custom-built model airplanes to his hand-drafted, designed and built motorbikes.

After high school Patrick attended Western Michigan University's College of Aviation and graduated in April 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology. He continued to study Computer-aided Design Engineering, then attended and graduated the highly ranked Federal Exams Aviation Ground School with his Airframe and Powerplant certificates.

With nothing but his degree, certificates and toolbox he founded Legend Of Aces Aviation, offering his services to local Warbird owners in Michigan, and mobile restoration and mechanic services to clients nationwide. As a mechanic, Patrick specializes in vintage aircraft, tube & fabric, sheet metal, and engine maintenance (Wright, P&W, Allison, Rolls Royce, Continental, and Lycoming). His work experience includes maintenance and restoration on many types of vintage aircraft and warbirds including the: NAA AT-6 / SNJ Texan, NAA B-25, NAA P-51 Mustang, NAA NA-64, P-38 Lightning, F8F Bearcat, Vultee BT-13, Ryan PT-22, PT-17 Stearman, Fairchild PT-19 and Aeronca.

It has also been Patrick’s goal to help educate younger generations about these great aircraft and the important role they played in history. In 2013 Patrick lead a team to Alaska to recover the B-25J Sandbar Mitchell from the sandbar it crashed on some 44 years before and brought it home to his non-profit Warbirds Of Glory Museum. There she will be restored to airworthy status and fly to honor our fallen heroes.