Legend Of Aces Aviation Projects

Signature Restorations
North American NA-64 Yale 3456 Restoration (Current Project) North American B-25J 44-30733 Restoration (Current Project)
North American NA-64 Yale 3383 Restoration (Awaiting Restoration) North American NA-64 Yale 3434 Restoration (Awaiting Restoration)
Ryan PT-22 Recruit Restoration (Finished Assisted Restoration) North American AT-6G Texan Restoration (Finished Assisted Restoration)

Routine Maintenance
North American P-51D "Hurry Home Honey" (Annual Inspection) Lockheed P-38 Lightning "Thoughts of Midnight" (Annual Inspection)
North American SNJ-3 (Annual Inspection) Vultee BT-13 Valiant (Annual Inspection)
General Warbird Maintenance Part and Projects